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Complementary Medicine Consultation and Supply Online

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Use Complementary Medicine to Fight Covid

Traditional Chinese Online Clinic

We all lean to survive with Covid. Many health resources are having trouble to know what can help with Covid sickness. We are here offering Online consultation and contactless delivery that is what we are here trying to continue providing our professional services for your convenience. 
Online Health Clinic will be caring on the way of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and practice based on evidences of what you complies, your photograph showing your issues, a phone call communication or email conversations or a Zoom meeting to diagnose your currant health issue. Thereafter, a suggested formula/herb product will be organized and delivery to your door step once you paid. A short follow-up will conduct within a week with you.
Check it out and get looked after today!

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Tell me your symptoms or email me your photos and tongue picture, I will understand what your situation and prescribe Traditional Chinese Medicine to you. Up front payment is required. Contactless delivery to your door-step. 

Chinese medicine has a wonderful value of anti-viruses. Especially for those repeating sickness that weaken your immunity. It also helping the side-affects and remaining symptoms after the acute period. Please don't hesitate to discuss your situation with me. I am a senior practitioner that worked 46yrs in clinics  (China/Aust).

Online Consultation Fee $70,

Herbs in pill form 200pills/bt, $30 each.

Delivery within Brisbane $20 per order. Other areas by Post. 

0414 088 086

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